We believe in Hope for today, so you can have the Wisdom to use it tomorrow.

Sometimes, you need to heal. Sometimes, you need to play. Sometimes, you wish you had a tight knit community for you and your kids. That’s why you need Valley Christian Center. We are friendly, innovative and contemporary.

Why do we need God?

VCC exists to share the message of salvation, to establish a place to worship, to provide Christian fellowship, and to facilitate maturity in the believer.

Why do we need each other?

There is a place for you! VCC is all about doing life together. What you put into life, is what you get out of it. Do you love gardening, decorating, visiting with people, singing or organizing? Al you need… is a desire. I would love to help you connect as you make VCC your home.

Why come here?

At Valley Christian Center our vision is, “Hope for today… Wisdom for tomorrow!”
Our world is craving hope. We want to know that tomorrow will be better, and today’s problems can be resolved. We can fight the battle as long as we know the outcome is going to be better than what we have now. As believers in Christ, we know that our only source of true hope is from Jesus!